Vision Statement

The Cristo Rey Graduate at Graduation (shared by all Jesuit high schools)

  • is growing in awareness of selfish attitudes and tendencies, consciously seeking to be more understanding, accepting, and generous with others.
  • is gaining a sense of compassion and an understanding of solidarity with the marginalized, both locally and globally, through a variety of experiences and reflection.
  • is growing in Christian faith and is recognizing that Christ's command to love one another implies a commitment to a just society.
  • is beginning to take responsibility for his or her own growth as a person, and desires integrity and excellence in multiple facets of one’s life.
  • is learning how to accept self, both talents, and limitations, with a sense of humility and gratitude.
  • cares for his or her own physical and mental health, understands principles of good nutrition, practices healthy habits, and understands the dangers of and avoids the use of controlled substances.
  • recognizes the presence of God in all things.
  • is beginning to take more responsibility for exploring and affirming one’s own faith, and allows that faith to influence their values, lifestyle, and vocational interests.
  • is encountering Jesus Christ, understanding and applying the Gospel message, and striving for true discipleship as a “person for and with others.”
  • is growing in self-acceptance and in recognizing that he or she is loved by God and others and is able to love God and others.
  • is becoming a more compassionate and merciful member of his or her family and community, and is contributing more selflessly to life at home, at school, and at work.
  • has begun to identify personal prejudices and stereotypes, and is working to embrace others, especially persons of another race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or socio-economic background.
  • is developing a curiosity to explore ideas and issues and is taking ownership of intellectual and aesthetic pursuits.
  • is developing a mastery of critical thinking and problem-solving skills and is ethically applying them to school life, the workplace, and new situations.
  • is growing as a professional, personable, and effective team player and as a confident self-starter, who is respectful and respectable.