Rey of Hope Scholarship Event

Save the Date: Thursday, March 26, 2020
Cristo Rey hosts this hallmark event to bridge the gap remaining between the corporate work study stipend, the modest yet meaningful family contributions toward tuition, and the full cost of educating a Cristo Rey student each year. Help us meet our goal and raise the number of scholarships necessary to support the entire 2019-20 Freshman Class! 
Sponsorship Packages will be available in the fall.
If you are interested in sponsoring Rey of Hope, please contact:
Katie Boennighausen at or 408-293–0425 X 187
To become a Rey of Hope Sponsor, please contact:
Katie Boennighausen at or 408-293–0425 X 187.
You may also download the sponsorship form .pdf above and return to:
Cristo Rey San José Jesuit High School
1389 E. Santa Clara Street
San José, CA 95116

The Mercury News Article (March 26, 2019)

The Mercury News article written by Sal Pizarro featured the story of Anh Dang (Class of 2019):