Cristo Rey San Jose Curriculum

The Cristo Rey curriculum is designed and taught to prepare students for success in college. The faculty works closely with each student to help them develop a skill set that focuses on creativity, curiosity, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration.


Through the use of standards that prepare students for college-level courses, effective teaching styles that make learning engaging and possible, and instruction that is informed by routine classroom assessments, Cristo Rey Network schools maximize the academic achievements of their students.


The ultimate goal of a Cristo Rey education is that students will graduate from both high school and college. During their four years of high school, they will gain a deep understanding of both themselves and the world around them.  They will be prepared to think and act for themselves and graduate knowing that they have both the responsibility to fight for justice in our world and the tools needed to begin that work.


Religious Studies Department:


The aim of the Religious Studies Department is to prepare “women and men for others who work, learn, lead, and succeed”.  Rooted in CRSJ’s mission and identity as a Jesuit, Catholic, and Cristo Rey institution, the department provides a four-year curriculum that supports students’ spiritual, emotional, and academic growth.  All wisdom traditions are respected and explored as students work to develop a religious framework along with a vocabulary that enables them to interpret the world around them from a faith and justice perspective.  Students are given unique opportunities to respond to the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Gospel message through shared inquiry, self-reflection and prayer experiences.  Students are challenged to see all life as sacramental, to live in solidarity, and to build right relationships with God, with one another and with creation.


English Department:


The goals of the English Department at Cristo Rey San Jose are to improve students' skills in reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking. Students improve their reading skills throughout the year by reading both informational articles and literary texts, such as novels, poems, and short stories. They work on different forms of writing: narrative, informational, persuasive, and research. In addition, students continually work on foundational grammar and vocabulary building skills. All of this work is done through a combination of group work, classroom lecture, and independent work on our online program Achieve 3000. Our ultimate goal is to enable students to read, write, and think critically about the world.


Social Studies Department:


The Social Studies Department at Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School prepares students to critically examine the past as well as the challenges of living in an ever-changing society. The study of Social Studies enables students to evaluate historical and contemporary issues, understand global relationships, and make connections between past, present and future. Students are encouraged to be men and women for others by learning how to be responsible citizens.  Through a value-based education, students see the importance of being a person of integrity and compassion, and learn how to be involved politically and socially, especially to advocate for injustices.


Spanish and English Support:


English Support is a hybrid class that uses two personalized English programs that deliver writing and reading programs. Our students read non-fiction articles, answer comprehension questions, write small essays, and improve their grammatical and phonetic skills. Spanish 1 and Native Spanish 1 are both personalized as well, as students use online translational programs to read, write, and speak the language. These programs are also supplemented with projects and conversations to deliver the full language class experience. Our goal is to support students’ efforts to develop a clear means of communication so that they may speak up and make a difference in society.


Science Department:


Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School offers an ambitious four-year Science curriculum. Conceptual Physics is taught Freshman year with the purpose of introducing students to fundamental concepts and skills that support all scientific endeavors. Physics studies the interaction between energy and matter that underlies Cosmology, our technological society, living systems and many of our current social problems. Learning how to represent and solve problems relating to this interaction is a cognitive skill applicable to many academic areas and gives students a basis from which to succeed in Science after Freshman year. Biology with a molecular and genetic emphasis is taught Sophomore year. Chemistry is taught Junior year and Senior Science courses include an advanced Physics course for students wishing to pursue science careers in College.  All Cristo Rey graduates will possess the science skills and knowledge that will enable them to succeed in required college science curriculum.


Math Department:


The math department at Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School acknowledges students strengths and growing points by having students work at different levels within the same math course. The blended learning atmosphere allows students to develop better collaboration, communication and critical thinking skills through daily mini lessons, projects and tests. Students are academically challenged by encouraging them to work with others on concepts that are connected to real world applications and intertwine different mathematical concepts together. The department’s ultimate goal is for students to gain all their mathematical fundamental skills in order to be at or above grade level by the end of each year.