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Engagement Awards - Cisco and Frank, Rimerman + Co.



Cisco is always looking to go bigger and strive for better when it comes to their commitment to the work study program. Senior champions including Katty Coulson and Guillermo Diaz, who have been involved since the early days of Cristo Rey, have been instrumental when it comes to helping students access Cisco’s learning and development programs, elevating the program in internal communications and keeping some of the same students for ALL four years. Cisco leaders have been instrumental in bringing in other prospective Partners to the program and speaking to the power of getting involved and staying involved. Much love, Cisco!

Frank, Rimerman + Co.

This team is all in. They are fundraisers, they are volunteers, they are mentors. Managing Partner Bryan Polster is an enthusiastic Board member. Anisha is known for staying in touch with nearly all of the students who have ever worked for her. Frank, Rimerman + Co. has been involved with Cristo Rey San José from the very beginning and has grown with us, adding another student team, another Frank, Rimerman office, and more and more supervisors throughout the years. They are always on our short list of last-minute, textable supervisors who will often come in for a focus group, meet with a new Partner or just figure out a way to save the day. Thanks for the constant engagement, Frank, Rimerman!