Work Study » Innovation Awards - HP, Inc. and Stryker Endoscopy

Innovation Awards - HP, Inc. and Stryker Endoscopy

HP, Inc.
HP, Inc's supervisors and program liaisons have kept innovation top of mind as students split up into different departments. Senior Gabriel and his supervisor, Trina, have been working together for years. Trina has challenged Gabe to think outside the box and set new goals for himself by building out authentic, value-add opportunities for Gabe on the team. Thanks, HP, Inc., for working tirelessly to find innovating ways to challenge our students.


Stryker Endoscopy


Stryker Endoscopy’s supervisors have provided students with meaningful experiences and supported each student worker’s professional growth through a wide variety of opportunities.


Victoria supervises senior, Lucia. Lucia has had the opportunity to learn a variety of programs, including Oracle and Tableau. Victoria continues to challenge Lucia to learn new formulas.


Karen has done dynamic work with our sophomore, Edward, and exposed him to a broad view of Stryker including product testing and product design consultations. Edward is encouraged to make mistakes, helping him to learn from those mistakes and grow professionally.


Brittany and her team work with sophomore, Esmeralda, who has been able to see how products come together, from the purchasing of parts to planning the production.  


Caitlyn works with freshman, Andrew. Caitlyn has not only supported Andrew to ensure he feels comfortable in an office with adult professionals, but also has given Andrew the opportunity to help prepare for a product photoshoot and create a template for the SDC3 application.


Thanks, Stryker, for giving students innovative professional opportunities!