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Cristo Rey San José Health & Wellness

Cristo Rey San José Jesuit High School seeks to create a model, wrap around health and wellness program to engage students in healthy habits to promote lifelong health and academic performance. We seek to replicate this model to other Cristo Rey Schools, charter schools, private schools, and public schools.


Morning Jump Start

The purpose is to begin with exercise to activate students’ brains to increase student learning and to engage students in real physical exercise to promote healthy lifestyles.  Additionally, we seek to build core physical fitness to increase overall health and to expose students to a variety of physical activities.  We hope students will become lifelong fitness aficionados at the completion of the four-year sequence.


Students will exercise for 50 minutes in the morning.  Students will rotate each week through different activities.  There will be two set rotations for a month- fitness boot camp and yoga.  The other two weeks students will rotate through sports like soccer, basketball, and dodgeball; and dance like Aztec, hip-hop, and Zumba.  During the first half of the year students will be exposed to 10 different types of activities in week intervals.


During the second half of the year, students will sign up for 2-week activities to get more in-depth practice based on interest.  Students will still complete fitness boot camp and yoga for a week each once a month.  For the last month of the school year, students will sign up for a month-long elective based on their interest.


Healthy Meals

Students are served breakfast after Jump Start, lunch, and afternoon supper.  We contract with Revolution Foods which brings all natural, fresh made daily food.  The food is also low in fat, sodium, and sugar.  Cristo Rey covers costs of students who qualify for reduced meals and costs of supper for all students.  Approximately, 90% of all Cristo Rey students will be able to eat 3 healthy Revolution Foods meals daily for free.


Sports and Physical Activity Clubs

Students will be offered at least one sport and a multitude of clubs for students to engage in physical activities.  We will offer girls volleyball, soccer, track and field, and other sports for students.  As a small school, it is hard to field a full team for many sports, so we will offer clubs like running, golf, cycling, football, and hiking for students to participate in.


No Junk Food Policy

Students are not allowed to bring in chips, candy, sweets, or sugared drinks on campus. Any items brought will be confiscated.  Additionally, adults model this behavior by also not consuming junk food on campus.


Outcomes for students include the following objectives:

  • Have specific exercises they can participate in to enhance their health through physical activity.
  • Have the knowledge to make healthy choices around what they eat. 
  • Be able to make decisions around healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Have the ability to set future goals. 
  • Have a plan to maintain the practices of this course.
The nutrition and physical activity components give students basic knowledge and skills to make healthy food and physical activity choices. The Influences/Choices/Decision-Making component has students identify factors that influence their nutrition and physical activity choices. These factors may include barriers to nutrition or physical activities. The information and skills in this component support them in making decisions to pursue healthy habits.


Please click on the link below to read our full Health and Wellness Policy and press release for our Summer Meals Program.