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About Charles Lee

Mr. Lee joins Cristo Rey from San Francisco parochial and public schools. A San Francisco native, he finds passion and connection with the arts and culture of the Bay Area and sees mathematical literacy as a puzzle that can be a joy to solve. He began teaching in 2009, when the economy hit low-income families hardest. Coming from UC Berkeley, values of public service and working for the common good permeated his call to invest in others to overcome economic barriers through hard and painstaking work. Mathematics occurs to him as a vehicle for empowering students to create and attain dreams they did not know they have.
Mr. Lee's path to formalized teaching began by being a member of the San Francisco Teaching residency program, which allowed him to apprentice a master teacher for one year in San Francisco public schools. After teaching in public schools for two years, he felt defeated and disconnected from his vocation to teach. His moment of conversion to Catholic education came when visiting St. Boniface Church in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. The tuition-free Catholic Middle School next to the Church, called DeMarillac Academy, offered services and a warm environment that seemed to change lives. Being inspired by joyful and engaged students, he accepted a science teaching position and stayed on for many years. He believes strongly in the power of Catholic education to make a difference and went on to complete a Master's in Catholic Educational Leadership from the University of San Francisco. After being exposed to the Jesuits and their way of thinking, he was inspired to pursue a role with a school in the Jesuit tradition. He is very happy to have found Cristo Rey, which operates on shared educational philosophy and founding principles.
The activities that give Mr. Lee life are playing guitar, spending time in nature, and maintaining his motorcycle. He lives in San Francisco and has family in San Mateo. He loves being on the open road and discovering alternate scenic routes throughout the Bay Area.