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About the Service Learning Program

Cristo Rey’s Service Learning Program strives to awaken a sense of social responsibility in all students, and to assist them in responding to the Gospel and Jesuit call of Christian Service. The Service Learning Program encourages students, whenever possible, to deepen their personal sense of responsibility for the needs of those around them, those outside of their immediate community, and the poor and marginalized. The Christian Service Program helps them recognize service to those less fortunate than themselves as an opportunity to serve God. Additionally, the Program encourages a growing commitment to a faith that does justice.

We think there’s more to meaningful service than tracking “required hours.” The Service Learning Program involves students participating in service experiences related to the Christian Service grade level themes, completing individual reflections about the experiences, and working with classmates on various service projects.

Each year we challenge students to deepen their reflections, widen their perspectives, and commit more fully to a life of service. The program is structured in such a way that gives students more choice in service placements, responsibility in completing service, and ability to focus on an area of social justice about which they are passionate as they progress through each grade level.
Christian Service Theme: Being a Person for Others
Service Placements: Via West & St. Patrick's Tutoring
Service Project:
Rights of the Child as explored
through Early World History Class
Christian Service Theme: Love your Neighbor and your Neighborhood
Service Placement Groups:
1. Spending time with the Elderly
2. Accompanying the Differently-Abled
3. Helping to Feed the Hungry
4. Helping to Clean the Environment 
Service Projects: Digital Storytelling Project
Christian Service Theme: A Faith that Does Justice
Service Placements: To Be Determined
Service Project: To Be Determined
Christian Service Theme: Christian Discipleship and Leadership
Service Placements: To Be Determined
Service Project: To Be Determined