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Fundraising for CRSJ

Magis in Mission

On Behalf of Cristo Rey San José Jesuit High School, we would like to thank you for your interest in our students, school and mission!

Magis in Mission is an opportunity for you or your organization to join Cristo Rey as a partner in our Third Party Fundraising Events and Activities program. Community members are a key element to the success of Cristo Rey and we welcome your support. 

In order to enhance the success of third party fundraising events or activities and to avoid conflicts with Cristo Rey San José donors, corporate sponsors, or other events already planned, the following guidelines should be observed:

1. Third‐Party Fundraiser is defined as a fundraising activity by a non‐affiliated group or individual, where Cristo Rey San José Jesuit High School has no fiduciary responsibilities and little or no staff involvement.  This includes an individual or group that organizes and hosts an event, promotion, sale, or donation drive on behalf of Cristo Rey San José.
2. Third-party fundraising events must be financially self-sustaining without contribution from or financial risk to Cristo Rey San José.
3. Cristo Rey San José encourages individuals and organizations to conduct fundraising events and donation drives for unrestricted operational use.
4. To begin a third-party fundraising plan, please complete and submit for approval the attached Third Party Fundraising Form at least 90 days prior to the activity. Each activity will be reviewed and must be approved. Previously run events and activities will be ‘grandfathered’ without the need for application completion. If multiple activities or events are proposed, an application must be submitted for each.
5. Cristo Rey San José reserves the right to refuse funds raised at unapproved events or activities.
6. Third‐party events may not be represented as events sponsored by Cristo Rey San José unless otherwise specified:
  1. Promotions for the event should reflect Cristo Rey as a beneficiary, and not conducting the event (i.e. “proceeds from XYZ Golf Tournament will benefit Cristo Rey San José”).
  2. All promotional materials related to an event benefiting Cristo Rey must be reviewed and approved by the Events Manager prior to distribution (e.g. flyers, press releases, tickets, brochures, posters, etc.).
  3. Any requests for the use of the Cristo Rey logo, name and images must undergo approval.
  4. All references to Cristo Rey San José in publicity and promotional materials for the event or promotion should refer to “Cristo Rey San José Jesuit High School.”
  5. If you must buy goods or services for the event or activity and expenses will be incurred, please consider the following: 
    1. Expenses incurred for conducting the event are the responsibility of the hosting volunteers and the organizer of the event.
    2. Cristo Rey will not reimburse the organizer for the purchase of goods for a third‐party event.  No goods may be charged to Cristo Rey for any reason. 
7. The activity/event organizers are responsible for maintaining accounting for the event or activity: 
  1. All donation checks must be payable directly to Cristo Rey San José 
  2. Only checks payable to Cristo Rey San José and cash donations clearly labeled with the donors information, will be provided with a tax-deductible acknowledgment letter in accordance with IRS and state tax regulations.
  3. Donations made out to an organizer or other source may be sent a general acknowledgment letter with no value attached.
  4. If you are deducting expenses from an event before sending net proceeds to Cristo Rey, you should not state or imply to your donors that any funds given to you are tax deductible, and you should not use the word “donation” because it implies that they are tax deductible. 
  5. Within 30 days following the event or activity, organizers should submit funds, payable to Cristo Rey San José, and appropriate documentation from individuals and/or businesses regarding their financial donations.

8. Event Insurance and Liability: The event organizers are responsible for obtaining any necessary permits and clearances required by local and state government and complying with all applicable laws, and also obtain appropriate insurance coverage as necessary.

9. Cristo Rey will not consider the following activities or events: 
  1. Programs that raise money on commission;
  2. Events involving the promotion or support of a political party or candidate, or those which appear to endorse a political activity; 
  3. Direct solicitation (including but not limited to door-to-door canvassing, telemarketing)