Individualized Learning

Cristo Rey’s academic model uses cutting edge technology to adapt to individual student needs. All students are pushed to a rigorous college prep experience, but many students start at different levels. Our classes utilize technology to aid instruction. Blended learning programs take over a lot of the remedial instruction allowing teachers to focus on critical thinking.

Three of our courses’ instruction is paced by the teacher. Students learn units of study together at the same time. Social Studies, science, and religion courses benefit from students being able to discuss, debate, and think deeper about content together.  However, the skill based courses of English, mathematics, and foreign language adapt instruction to allow students to have more control over the pace of their learning.

We believe the balance of teacher paced learning and student paced learning will better prepare students for college and work success. The balance between whole class, small group, and individual work mirrors the experience of college with whole class lecture, study groups, and individual studying. Similarly, in the work place, workers need to adapt to collaborating with a team while managing own personal productivity.