Blended Learning Director in Spotlight

CRSJ Director of Blended Learning, Mr. Francisco Castillo, has been asked to speak at the 2018 Blended & Personalized Learning Conference, taking place from April 5-7, in Providence, Rhode Island. The conference is being hosted by the Highlander Institute, the Christensen Institute, and the Learning Accelerator, with the intent to showcase the best classroom, school, and district implementers from across the nation.
Unlike many conferences throughout the year, this event is a chance for educators and leaders to discuss blended learning as it exists today on the ground - both in terms of the day-to-day implementation in blended classrooms, and the strategies and systems that have effectively supported replication and scale across schools and districts.
Mr Castillo will also participating in a panel discussion at The Blended Learning in Catholic Schools Symposium, which takes place between March 12-14, in Los Angeles, CA. The event ​is a gathering of 30+ innovative leaders with an explicit connection to Catholic schools forming​ a unified mission and vision for blended learning.
Congrats and best of luck to Mr Castillo as he continues to serve as a leader in his field!
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