"Together As One" Celebrating Cesar Chavez

“Together As One”

By Juan Fuentes

People are jewels,

Not a tool.

Oppression is vice,

Which often leads to an inexplicable price.

They can strike us down with every blow,

But our strength we will always show.

A seed of unity grows within us.

Overcoming the darkness that tends to cut us.

Above the ashes of detestation we rise.

Silencing the awful and grievous cries.

Instead, they’ll turn to joyous shouts.

Which will bring to us peace in God’s house.

Through the hardships and struggle,

We will come back and connect this puzzle.  

The voices of the weary and the oppressed shall be heard.

They will leave no stone unturned.
We are the sparks that keep the fire burning.

We are the birds that keep soaring.

For if this chain is broken,

Then only a word of dread shall be spoken.

But if we stand together as one,

Our road to victory has just begun.

Fight for what you think is right.

For your voice shall serve as our guiding light.

Be the change the world wants you to be.

Because we all hold the key to be set free.

Most importantly, don’t waste time feeling sorrow.

There will always will be hope for tomorrow.

Have some hope, have some faith.

Because to do the good, it’s not always too late.

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