Grad at Grad Midyear Awards!

Striving For Justice Awards:
The “Striving for Justice” Award is given to students who have shown a deep commitment to fighting for what is right and serving those who are marginalized by our society and our world.  These students are self-aware and always striving to be more generous and compassionate towards others.
  • 9th Grade Award: Zaria Malik
  • 10th Grade Award: Carlos Cardenas
  • 11th Grade Award: Maritza Flores
Open to Growth Awards:
The “Open to Growth” Award is given to students who are constantly working to learn more, develop their passions more deeply, and live each day with integrity, gratitude, and humility.  These students take care of themselves through self-discipline, a commitment to health and wellness, a desire to know more and be better every day. They live life forever searching to become the person God calls them to be.
  • 9th Grade Award: Jarette Barajas
  • 10th Grade Award: Betzy Ruiz
  • 11th Grade Award: Lisa Sandoval
Committed to Faith Award:
The “Committed to Faith” Award is giving to students who are growing in faith, and their awareness of God at work in their lives and in the world around them.  Their faith guides their day to day decisions, as they work to become young people grounded in high morals and values, and a personal relationship with God.  These students are encountering Jesus Christ, understanding and applying the Gospel message, and striving for true discipleship as a “person for and with others.”
  • 9th Grade Award: Juan Sierra
  • 10th Grade Award: Fabian Espinoza
  • 11th grade Award: Cynthia Vences
Loving Award:
The “Loving” Award is given to students who remind us all of God’s love in our lives and in our Cristo Rey Family.  They reach out to form healthy, strong, and caring relationships with people here at school, with their family at home, and with others in the community and at work.  These students go above and beyond to make all people feel loved, welcomed, and cared for, regardless of who they are or any ways in which they might be labeled “different.”
  • 9th Grade Award: Fernando Calderon
  • 10th Grade Award: Gabriel Benavidez
  • 11th Grade Award: Esmeralda Paez Olivares
Intellectually and Professionally Engaged Award:
The “Intellectually and Professionally Engaged” Award is given to students who are taking mature ownership of their learning journey at school and their professional responsibilities at work.  They demonstrate that they are curious, critical, and ethical thinkers who work well with their classmates and co-workers.  They bring professionalism, initiative, and personability to both school and work.
  • 9th Grade Award: Carlos Ascensio
  • 10th Grade Award: Anh Dang
  • 11th Grade Award: Coraima Bolanos
Congratulations to all award winners!
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