Karla Santos: My Life at Cristo Rey

As a student here at Cristo Rey San Jose, I feel privileged to be given such wonderful experience and such a high level of academics that other schools may not have. Although there are many things that make Cristo Rey unique, one thing that I feel stands out is the Corporate Work Study Program. This program gives us students the opportunity to work at a corporate company starting freshman year in order to help prepare us for our future. In order for us to start working at our job, we were asked to come in during the summer to help  become prepared for the work force. During the summer, we were trained on practicing our communication skills, interacting with new people, and introducing us to everyday work routines, such as copying, printing, etc. Along with training us for our jobs, we were given the opportunity to visit not only one, but two college campuses over the summer, including an overnight stay at the University of San Francisco. While touring the campuses and getting a glimpse of college life, it really opened my eyes to what a bright future I could potentially have. I feel proud to say that Cristo Rey will get me there.

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