A Cristo Rey Collaboration

This past Wednesday, CRSJ Student Council Reps traveled to CR Sacramento for a collaboration session and shadow day. The goal was to discuss some of their challenges and share best practices. The students LOVED the day. The San Jose students felt very honored to be able to visit another school. The Sacramento students (and whole school community) were excited to be hosts and share the wonderful programs happening at their school.
The Student Council members from both schools mainly discussed spirit weeks- the students talked about dress down days, how to get students involved, and how to build a positive school culture. They also talked about some of the challenges of not having a good place for pep rallies to take place (both schools currently do not have gyms or large indoor meeting areas) and dress code requirements on casual dress days. Throughout the day the San Jose students shadowed the Sacramento students and discussed a variety of other issues CRSJ students are not only returning with new ideas for their own school, but also with a sense of appreciation and gratitude for many of the programs and structures they already have in place. They are hopeful they can plan something again soon! Big thanks to Sacramento for being such wonderful hosts!
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