What Our Sponsors Are Saying

What our sponsors are saying

“HP has a long-standing commitment to education, and we’re excited to be partnering with Cristo Rey San José in its debut year. The students working with us really represent the next generation of technology professionals, and it’s a privilege to be involved in the launch of their careers. We know we’ll be learning a lot from them as well!” – Jason Rodriguez, Vice President and Chief of Staff, Printing and Personal Systems

“We’re thrilled to have Jackie, Alex, Andrea and David on our Printing and Personal Systems team. All four students bring so much enthusiasm, determination and inquisitive spirit to the work they do, and inspire their HP colleagues in the process. Just three weeks in, they’re making invaluable contributions across our business, from operations and customer support to consumer products and marketing.” – Aimée Oscamou, Strategy and Planning Manager, Printing and Personal Systems

“Great job today by Kaela. She fit right in and picked up quickly.” – Brian Balistreri, Cisco

“Hector had a great first day – he made a good impression on everyone he met, and they were all pleasantly surprised by how professional he was!” – Diep Ho, Adobe

“Tomas has excellent computer skills!” – Jenika Parashis, Arc Tec

What our students are saying

Jacque came to Cristo Rey San José from Lee Mathson Middle School. She works with Aimee at the HP Palo Alto campus. She plays on the volleyball team, and is looking forward to spending time with the team and getting her overhand serve down throughout the course of the season.

Andrea attended Christopher Middle School. She also works with Aimee at the Palo Alto campus. She too plays on the volleyball team. She has also joined the Performing Arts Club and is enjoying her first experience at a Jesuit school.

How did you feel arriving at HP on your first day of work?

Jacque: I felt nervous because it was my first real job. But by the end of the day, I felt happy because everybody was nice and encouraging.

Andrea: I was really nervous but I was also very excited knowing that HP is such a great company. When I left I had a lot of hope and looking forward to the next time.

How did the Summer Program help prepare you for your position at HP?

Jacque: The summer program showed me new stuff like Excel and Typing Club. It also helped me know how to shake hands, talk to new people, and make friends. When you’re working, it’s important every day. It’s a must.

Andrea: I didn’t know anything I was supposed to do before the program. It taught me how to work machines I would have to use like a scanner. I learned how important it is to make a good first impression. Also, I used to be nervous about talking to adults. But now I feel I can walk up to them and have a conversation.

What are you doing at HP?

Jacque: This week, I had to look through contracts and highlight the dates, so I really had to dig into the contracts. I also helped to schedule the meetings for next year. Some of the jobs are difficult.

Andrea: I have been scanning documents and making labels. I have also been able to sit in on phone meetings.

What is your favorite part about working for HP?

Jacque:  I really like meeting new people and learning a lot of different skills that students my age don’t get to experience. I will have job experience that others won’t have, and it will help me for college.

Andrea: I enjoy working with others because everyone is really nice and I am getting to have new experiences.

By the end of this year I hope that…

Jacque:  I hope that by the end of the year I will have a summer job at HP because I enjoy working there and so I can save up money.*

Andrea: By the end of the year I hope that I will be prepared for the future, made new friends, and had new experiences. I know working at HP will look very good on a resumé, and I will be prepared.

* For summer and holiday employment, students will still be employees of CRSJWS, Inc., but are not provided transportation or lunches. The students will keep the money they earn. They sign W-4s. CRSJWS handles the administrative and payroll work for the students.

From our Corporate Work Study Program Director

Five weeks of intensive training for our student workers during the summer paid off with a great start to the Corporate Work Study Program, as witnessed by early comments from some of our corporate supervisors that you read above.

I am proud to announce that our students continue to exceed the expectations of the corporate supervisors. Both students and sponsors are exceptionally happy to be collaborating in the workplace. Our goal is to ensure that this year is an incredible experience for our corporate sponsors and 134 student workers. Judging from the feedback we’ve received, we are well on our way to reaching that goal.

Throughout the year we will keep you updated on the progress of the Corporate Work Study Program, and will highlight the great work our students are doing. We are always looking for more corporate sponsors dedicated to shaping futures and ensuring opportunities. Please contact me, Bob Couch, COO, Cristo Rey San José Work Study at robert.couch@cristoreysj.org, or 408-293-0425 ext. 104 with any inquiries.

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