Achieve3000 Improves Reading and Writing Skills

In the English classes at Cristo Rey San José, students are using the online program Achieve3000 in order to improve their reading and writing skills. The goal is for the students to read and complete the activities for at least two articles a week. Achieve3000 measures students’ reading improvement and helps students be on the right track for college readiness.

At the start of September, students took a test that measured their Lexile score, which measures a student’s ability to read and understand a piece of writing. On October 1, their Lexile score was adjusted based off the quality of work they have been doing throughout the month of September. A Lexile gain of 100 points is approximately the same as a grade level. Some students moved up this much (and more) in only month!

Here is a list of students who improved their Lexile scores the most in the first month of school.

  • Andrea V. +140
  • David Q. +110
  • Abel C. +110
  • Linda S. +100
  • Lisette E. +90
  • Francis T. +85
  • Davis Esc. +80
  • Kassandra A. +75
  • Diego R. +75
  • Mayra L. +50
  • Alondra V. +50
  • Salma O. +50

Awesome work!

Mr. Sunderland
English Teacher

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