Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School

Message from the President

Dear Friends of Cristo Rey San José, Happy New Year!
I hope you find yourself surrounded with all the people and gifts in your life for which you are most grateful. Here at Cristo Rey San José, we embrace an attitude of gratitude for the New Year and all it promises to bring. 
We are grateful for our students' academic growth. From what was once a dream of supporting our students on the road to college, to now having three classes of students testing at or above grade level, on average, and a class of juniors beginning their college application process, we are overjoyed by our students' successes and potential for future growth. 
We are grateful for our Corporate Work Study Program, which has grown to 40 partners to a program that now partners with over 75 local corporations. While we always knew the program would be transformational, it has been incredible to watch the students build the self-confidence, resumes, and relationships with colleagues who really care about them. 
And, for our student's spiritual growth, I am most grateful. I believe it is with the exposure and development of Jesuit values that sophomore Juan F. is able to articulate the following message to his classmates after the election, "We are still one people united and brothers and sisters...Learn how to love one another no matter who you are, where you come from, what your religion is, and what your race is. We are all equal people who make America what it is today." As Juan says, we are still one people united as brothers and sisters. You, our brothers and sisters, are the light that shines upon Cristo Rey. Your spirit of kindness, compassion, and generosity gives voice to our mission to empower our students to be men and women for others, committed to a lifelong pursuit of bringing light into our world. 
Fr. Peter Pabst. SJ